The Phantom of The Opera 2017 Broadway Across Canada

The first time you see a breathtaking Broadway show you walk away in awe and amazement. Back in 1992, The Phantom of The Opera was the first Broadway musical I had ever seen. It was a high school trip to Vancouver to see the production. I remember sitting in awe the whole time, on the edge of my seat mesmerized at the magical production Andrew Lloyd Webber brought to life.

That was 25 years ago. As soon as I heard Broadway Across Canada was bringing the phenomenal masterpiece to Calgary I knew I had to go - but I wanted to experience it again for the first time - so I decided to bring my children. Although I was 19 when I saw it the first time, my boys aged 10 and 7 were not disappointed. In fact, my youngest told me, "This is the best play I've ever seen in my life." My giggle of the night came when they covered their eyes during the kissing scene asking, "Is it over yet!" READ MORE HERE!

The Phantom Of The Opera - Derrick Davis and Eva Tavares - Photo via Matthew Murphy

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