Lone Star Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG

As I continue with my new car challenge with Lone Star Mercedes-Benz, this month I'm test-driving a vehicle that is sleek, sexy and the ultimate in luxury. The Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG is a sporty sedan exceeding sophistication.

The Mercedes-Benz E43 has a sleek interior. What really impressed us was what was under the hood. The E43 AMG, tuned with a 396-horsepower twin-turbo engine and a nine-speed automatic, showcased the speed and capability of this sedan - which is also suited for city driving. In other words, this beautiful sedan is cool on city streets and a powerhouse on the highway with the AMG engine. As my husband says, "The E43 AMG is exciting to drive and the response is crisp and sharp." Read more HERE.

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