Laval St. Germain 90° South 7th Summit

Laval St. Germain has climbed the highest peak on six of the Earth's seven continents, and the highest peaks of more than a dozen nations.

Outside of his extreme adventures, St. Germain is an airline pilot with time to motivate his audience as an inspirational keynote speaker.

With an extreme resume like St. Germain's, it's a bit intimidating to listen to him speak as he has a drive I've never seen before. I've asked my self, "How can I compete with him?" But, after hearing him speak - sharing his stories of what it takes to unzip the tent door and step out from high camp on Everest or to shove off the dock to row alone across the North Atlantic Ocean, you realize one thing... it's not a competition to be like him - it's taking his energy and his motivation to move outside of your own comfort zone. It's about doing what it takes to be the best YOU.

Now, St. Germain is preparing for another expedition, this time to Antarctica - again all alone...

St. Germain is planning on climbing up Mount Vinson - and if he does - he'll have reached the summit on the tallest peak on each continent in the world! But, this extreme trip is Unfinished Business. Listen to my interview HERE with Laval and READ MORE HERE.

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