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52 Weeks to Be The Best You

by Christina Rowsell

Week 1

Positive Thoughts

Image © Christina Rowsell

Welcome to weekly thoughts to put you on the right path - to be the best you.

With new beginnings, it has to start with a strong foundation. That foundation starts with your mind and positive thinking. It's important to have a strong mind for when times are tough and when things go wrong. This is a personal formula that I have used. I have anxiety and have gone through trials and tribulations. You may find that you need some of the guidelines I'll share and some you already know. Hopefully you can follow along weekly and get what you need out of this.

By starting your year off with a positive attitude you'll know how to bring yourself up when you fall. We all fall. I fall. But, sometimes you are the only one who can get yourself back up again. By following along every week I'll give you reminders on how you can be the best you know how.

This first foundation is crucial to how you react to situations that are (sometimes) out of your control. The foundation of positive thinking will help you - when you need help.

There’s something revitalizing about letting go of what was and starting over. But what if your start over is an extension of what was. By that I mean, our past is what gives us our life experience – good or bad – and with a new beginning take the lessons you’ve learn in the past and move forward in a new uplifting direction.

Not all pasts are bad. And, as you set out on your new beginning, take a moment to reflect on any past memories that lift your spirit. Remember those moments that made you smile. The time you remember saying. "I wish this moment would last forever."

If we dwell in the past memories that hurt us, we can’t move forward. We get lost in the hurt. I want you to move forward with memories that make your mind feel free and your heart sing. As you set our on your new year and new beginnings take each day to reflect on what makes you happy. When you’re reminded of what moves you and makes you happy it’s easier to focus on what works.

Week 2

Believe in Something Good

In your quest to take a moment and work towards things that matter, it’s important to be optimistic. Our

Image © Christina Rowsell

theme in January is focusing on your new beginning. If our thoughts are clouded with negativity the energy changes as we go about our day. One negative thought will set your day up for failure.

This week I want you to put one positive thought into your daily routine. A simple optimistic thought as you wake up, make breakfast, sip on your coffee or just start your day will set your day up for success.

It’s not easy to take the first step of faith to believe that something good will happen. It takes practice.

Last week you were asked to remember the good memories from your past that put you in a positive space. Now you are asked to create your own positive space by starting your thoughts with something that will carry your energy throughout the day.

Believe in something good. It doesn’t have to be anything big – or anything that may change the world. It’s one simple thought that something good will happen. It could be as simple being present in the moment and enjoying the simplicities of the day from a sip of coffee to hearing the birds sing, seeing the sun shine or watching someone smile.

You are in charge of setting yourself up for success and it starts with your thought process.

Week 3

Breathing Room

Image © Christina Rowsell

Give yourself some breathing room. Don't be in a hurry to be the best you can all in one day. It will happen. Believe in yourself and give yourself room. When we start out on new beginnings - we sometimes want results yesterday.

Realistically when you start to transform your thought process it takes time for it to become a habit. That's why this month is focusing on how you can control your thoughts. If you constantly have negative thoughts and negative energy, you're telling your thoughts to be negative.

Everyday you will need to find the positive. It's never easy to be positive, especially in tough situations. When you give yourself breathing room you're allowing yourself to find the space you need to be positive. Don't always rush into reaction. (I need to constantly remind myself of this.) Breathe - digest and take some time before you react. There's a saying I try to live by, "Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react." This is not easy. I know, because I don't always follow through on this. It's still a work in progress, but with time it gets easier to recognize it and breathe.

Know that by building your positive thoughts you are working towards a better reaction. Often our reactions affect others around us. And when your reaction is thought out, the outcome is usually a calmer situation.

Week 4

Coping Skills

Not everything will be sunshine and rainbows everyday. Last week we talked about reaction to situations -

Image © Christina Rowsell

where life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how we react. When life hands you tough times and difficult situations, it's up to you to come back to those positive thoughts you've been learning to develop.

If you can't remember those positive thoughts and happy memories, now might be a good time to start a journal. Journaling is helpful for remembering thoughts, and it's also a wonderful way to validate your feelings.

When things go wrong, you need to fall on happier times to help you cope with what's going on. We often look for validation from others, but journaling validates to you that what you're going through is real. When there is no one else around, you are responsible for acknowledging yourself. You don't always need someone else there - you are the most important. When you understand and validate your own feelings you'll be able to also understand how you cope.

We are all born with coping skills, but over time we tarnish our ability to cope by negative thoughts of energy. This is why you need to learn and train your brain to be positive. Think of it as a new workout routine for your mind. By acknowledging how your feel you're also giving yourself permission to feel. When those feelings are blue or sad you will start to understand how you react to certain situations. When you build a positive place to fall you will cope better with hard situations. Don't ignore your coping skills, build them up so that when the unexpected happens you have the skill, knowledge and power to pick your self up to be the best you, you know how.

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