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52 Weeks to Be The Best You

Week 5


Image © Christina Rowsell

Allow yourself the gift of self-love. We often feel the need to always help others that we forget to take care of ourselves. Or, the urge to take care of others is the only way we feel worthy. So much so, that we don’t let others into our space to do the same for us.

If you’re someone who feels the need to always do for others, ask yourself if you are letting others do something for you. When you only give out, and not receive in, you are letting go of your own energy and not replenishing that energy that was given away.

At the same time when you don’t allow others to help you, as you have helped them, you often push them away. You, as the giver, know how important you feel when you’ve helped someone up, or helped someone in a time of need. That same person may want to return that love. Although you often don’t want or expect them to return the love you’ve given – to them, it’s a way of giving thanks.

Allow others to give you the love you’ve given them. As you selflessly give of yourself, allow the gift of giving back in return – if they so desire. Yes, I know you don’t expect it or (more times than not) even want anything in return, but your gift of time, space, food, money or simply love needs to be replenished so that you don’t burn yourself out. Ever wonder why you don’t have energy sometimes after giving the gift of your whole heart? It’s because the energy you’ve given away hasn’t been returned.

If there’s no one who is there to give you the gift of simply giving, give the gift to yourself. Allow you’re heart to sing with something that makes you smile. Perhaps it’s looking through old photos, or taking a walk with your dog. Maybe it’s the gift of a quiet moment. Whatever that gift is, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of self-love.

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Week 6

Gift of Health

This month, it’s about focusing on love. You know the saying, “You can’t take care of anyone else if you

Image © Christina Rowsell

don’t take care of yourself first.” Last week we talked about giving the gift of self-love. Where you were asked to do something to replenish the energy you’re giving away. This week we’ll focus on your energy.

Give yourself the gift of good health. A strong foundation for a good health is the ability to move and the ability to have energy to move. Take a look at how you treat your body. Really look at what you feed into your body and how your body reacts to what you’re putting into it. Don’t panic. I’m not talking about taking away your sweet treats or (my favourite) salty treats. I’m just asking you to take a good look at what you’re feeding into your body on a daily basis. Only you will know if you’re eating healthy. In order to be the best you, you must look at what fuels your body.

Now may be a good time to look at how you are fuelling your energy. Without sounding like a nag, I’m trying to remind you that in order to be the best you, you need to be healthy. Proper nutrition puts you in a better headspace. Gut health speaks volumes in promoting a better day. And of course, when you have a better day, so does everyone around you.

I’ve included a few links to websites I use for my family to creating healthier meals. I’ve also added a downloadable PDF for meal planning. Download Meal Plan HERE.

The best you starts with a healthy you. Give yourself the gift of good health.

Resources: - Calgary Author Lauren Klukas - Delicious Healthy Recipes Made with Real Food - Kid Friendly Recipes - Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Gut Health - Gut Health

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Week 7


Image © Christina Rowsell

Earlier this month you gave yourself permission to indulge in self-love. I hope you have and realize you’re worth it. However, sometimes you’ll find that judging or punishing yourself creeps in. You might start to hear that voice in your head that criticizes your thoughts or actions for every mistake you make.

Just as you show compassion for others, it’s time to gift yourself with a little compassion. Self-doubt can create anxiety, depression and stress. If this starts to happen, you’ll need to bring yourself back to your positive thoughts and focus on being optimistic. Both skills you learned in week one and two.

Treat yourself with the same kindness you would towards other people. This is where you will learn how to support yourself by being kind to yourself.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we say things we shouldn’t have said. I’ve said things I shouldn’t have said. These are all natural reactions. Sometimes you say things that aren’t nice about someone who has done you wrong in the past. Let’s be clear, it’s not okay to do that. But it’s also not okay to beat yourself up about it. When we make a wrong decision we need to find a way to be compassionate towards our actions. Not make our actions okay, or acceptable, but to learn from them. If I’m being honest, I too struggle with this one. This is something I continue to work on.

Self-compassion will help you when you’re faced with life struggles or in confrontational situations. With self-compassion you’ll learn to respond with kindness instead of self-judgement.

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Week 8


Image © Christina Rowsell

Let’s be real. Last week we talked about compassion and how to give the gift of kindness when we make mistakes. Before that, you were reminded to give the gift of health. And, we started the month off with self-love. But, if we’re being honest, we truly know that we can’t love everything about ourselves. However, we need to accept who we are and how we live. Accept who you are. And if you don’t like something, then change it! However, if you don’t change it, accept it.

That was blunt wasn’t it? But it’s true. You’re the only person you have to live with. Sometimes I like to think of it as a job. You don’t have to like everyone you work with, you just need to play the course and work with them. You accept them. Like them or hate them, you still accept them for who they are.

There are going to be things you love about yourself. Especially when you transform your thoughts and actions, and actually stick to them. You are being the best you, you know how. However, as life has it, you will still do things you don’t like. By accepting those actions, you’re validating that you did them.

That brings us back to week three, when you learned to give yourself breathing room. You are simply acknowledging who you are. You accept the good and the bad.

So how does this help you be the best you? Self-acceptance allows you to be your true self. This is a journey to understanding who you truly are. Through all those bad moments, there are good moments. Accepting who you are, allows you to embrace all that you are, and acknowledging that there are some things you can change, for the better.

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Week 9


Image © Christina Rowsell Ocean Celebration

We all need to celebrate our success. No matter how small or big that success is. It’s your success. As much as we need to learn to celebrate in our own thoughts, it’s so much more fun when you can celebrate with others. However, not everyone will want to celebrate with you.

Surround yourself with those who believe in you and encourage you. I like to call them cheerleaders in your back pocket. They’re the people who will be there when times are tough. But they’re also the ones who will celebrate with you.

Celebrating accomplishments is so important on your journey to be the best you. Why? Because it reminds you of how great you are. Yes! You are great! And don’t you forget that. By celebrating your accomplishments you are reinforcing a positive attitude. Which brings us back to how a positive attitude is the foundation to being the best you, you know how.

Scientifically speaking, celebrating releases endorphins into your body. Endorphins are the chemicals responsible for triggering a positive feeling into your body. They’re the ones that make you feel good. And you deserve to feel good!

If you have to, start small by saying, “Ya, I am proud of myself.” The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. You’re probably really good at celebrating others aren’t you? Do you like to make someone feel better? Imagine how much more you can help others if you felt just as good.

Go ahead and celebrate. Celebrate that you are working towards being the best you!

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