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52 Weeks To Be The Best You

Week 10


Desert Smile | Image © Christina Rowsell

An attitude of gratitude creates blessings. If we’re thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives, it’ll boost your mood and actually keep stress in check. Today’s world is full of so many stressors. There are so many things that stimulate our brain everyday. If you take a moment to be thankful for one thing, person or moment, you’ll appreciate your blessings whole-heartily.

Your attitude of gratitude will enhance your appreciation even more. When we’re thankful for the small things in our lives we reduce anxiety. During your daily mindful meditation remember to take a moment for gratitude. Place the blessings near and dear to your heart in your thoughts and be grateful for the wonderful opportunities your have in your daily life.

Being grateful is a skill that is learned. By responding daily to appreciation of your surroundings, you are cultivating a happy life. It has been proven that by being thankful in your daily life it will help you live a happier and healthier life. Gratitude will also change your perspective. Gratitude increases your awareness of a greater whole and connects you towards positive living. In order to be the best you, be thankful for who you are, where you are and how you plan on living your best life.

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Week 11


Empathy is the ability to see things the way others see them. When you are empathetic to someone you completely understand what they're are feeling.

Unfortunately not everyone knows how to be empathetic. That’s not a bad thing – some just need to be trained. Consider yourself lucky if you have natural empathy.

In order to be empathetic you need to first understand yourself. When you understand and accept your own feelings you can start to understand others. If you don’t know where to start, watch a video that stirs up your emotions. Is there a time when you instantly react with a lump in your throat and you’re holding back the tears? Where do those feelings come from? Why do you feel this way? Once you understand these feelings you’ll understand yourself. This is the path to being empathetic.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to find your empathy. Sometimes it can’t be learned, it has to be earned. You’re empathy will come from simply living life. Your life experiences of heartache and heartbreak, love and laughter will help you understand empathy.

So, how does being empathetic help us to be the best we know how? Empathy helps us understand how others are feeling and in turn we can respond appropriately and be more helpful.

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Week 12


You have the freedom to choose a life that is full of opportunity to grow, to learn to love and to laugh. Where we live we are blessed with the choices that allow us to be who we need to be. However, more times than not, we’re also the one who holds us back from being where we want to be. Negative thoughts and energy feed into our daily routine and we start to let them bring us down.

You are in charge of your choices on how you want to feel. You have the freedom to choose. Firstly, it’s up to you to fill your mind with positive energy. If someone else throws negativity your way remember its up to you on how you choose to react. If you’re in a negative situation, again it’s up to you to choose how you feel about it. You have the freedom to put yourself in a space that clears your mind from negative energy.

You are also free to live life in a way that lifts your spirits. If there are obstacles in your way, you have the choice to move them. Sometimes we feel we just can’t. Sometimes you feel that if you choose to take care of you others will fall. You have the freedom to make choices that are best for you. It all ties into what we’ve talked about before, if you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of others. Your freedom is the power to choose. Choose to be the best you, you know how.

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Week 13


Embrace change. We are creatures of habit and we love routine. Things can’t and won’t stay the same. If you’re not open to change, it only makes evolving harder. And in the end, everyone evolves. The longer you deny change the harder it is to move forward.

It’s easy to stay in a comfort zone, however when you initiate change you are also embracing opportunity for growth. Sometimes when we move onto something new and change our habits we will actually learn lessons from that change that you didn’t even know you wanted for yourself.

Change can also helps you see from a different perspective. This new perspective will help you re-invent and re-evaluate your life and help you see where you need to be.

Being the best you is all about finding the opportunities for growth and change. If it’s hard for you to accept change start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much change all at once. Find one thing that you know you need to change and work towards that. Then celebrate your change and move onto the next thing. In order to be the best you, only you know what needs to change.

Listen to Christina Rowsell SoundCloud HERE. Music by Image ©

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