Jann Arden International Women's Day

Listen to Christina Rowsell interview with Jann Arden HERE.

Jann Arden is a very accomplished and celebrated artist. Not only was she awarded the Order of Canada recently, she's spread her wings into the wonderful world of acting. If you've seen Jann live you'd catch on right away that she has a witty sense of humour. Now she's bringing that uncensored humour to your living room (or computer, laptop, Ipad, smartphone... whatever your "thing" is.)

Jann Arden is the star of a show simply called Jann. In this six-part, comedy series, Jann takes the role of herself - sort of... playing a ficitonalized, self-deprecating version of herself. I watched the first digital premier of her show and caught myself laughing out loud. Have a look for yourself here https://www.ctv.ca/Jann.

In my excitement to the fact that Jann follows me on twitter, I do my best to (try) not bother her through direct messaging... I contacted her to try to land this interview... only to be reminded to follow the proper channels and contact her "Peeps." It worked!! Jann spoke with me about the women she celebrates, we talked about her mom and shared with me the antics of her new TV show.

I love how Jann surrounds herself with supportive people. She admitted that her greatest success is her friendships. She reminds us that they're the ones who lift us us and help carry us through. Have a listen to my interview HERE.

As always Jann, a pleasure talking to you! Next time, can we please do it in person?

#JannArden #InternationalWomensDay #CTV

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