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52 Weeks to Be The Best You

Week 19


I’ve always been a firm believer in having high expectations, especially of myself. I believed that by setting high expectations I would achieve big things. Letting go of expectations opens up your mind to discover new and exciting opportunities.

So now what, do or don’t you have expectations? I say it’s a bit of both. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do or be the best you can. Those expectations come from simply getting up in the morning. Setting up your day for success is healthy. However if you set your expectations too high you run the risk of failure. Again, not that failure is a bad thing, but failing daily can be tough on you.

Set your expectations so that you can meet them everyday. When you exceed your own expectations, celebrate your accomplishments. But, let go of your expectations when they become too unbearable to complete. Plus, every now and then don’t set any expectations and see where the day takes you. Let your day flow and evaluate it at the end of the day with gratitude. You may be pleasantly surprised on how your day turns out when you turn off those expectations.

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Week 20

Take a Break

Know when you need to take a break. Give yourself permission to step away when things get overwhelming. You can’t do everything, as much as you’d like to.

By giving yourself permission to give yourself a break you are telling yourself it’s okay to take care of you. Know that when you are filled with too much to do and when things become unbearable, it’s okay to take a break.

You don’t need to reply to that email right away. You don’t need to post to social media this second. You don’t have to stop everything you’re doing to help someone else. The expectations others have on you were set by you. Let them know that you’re taking a break. They’ll completely understand, and may respect your for taking care of you.

In the long run, breaks increase productivity and creativity. Overworking will only cause you more stress and decrease your health. When you take a break you’ll replenish the energy that was depleted. There’s really no better way of taking care of you than taking the break you deserve.

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Week 21

Nurture Your Soul

Listen, the universe is talking to you. It’s happening all around you. Do you find yourself seeing the same signs all the time? Whether it’s numbers, songs or people. The universe is talking to you. It’s time to nurture your soul.

Listening to the signs will improve your quality of life. When you start to feed your soul, you’ll start to notice your love of life. So, how do you start to take care of your soul? What exactly are you feeding?

Your soul gives you the ability to live – it gives you your reason and your consciousness. Your soul is where you have perception and thought process. By feeding your soul, you’re giving yourself the strength to live and your sense of purpose. This is why you want to put yourself in a positive space so you can improve your quality of life. By bringing in your positive energy you then connect your soul to your purpose and greatness.

We all have greatness. It’s a matter of tapping into it to share it with the world. The purpose of your soul is to share your greatness for the greater good. When you nurture your soul, your working at a higher frequency that will bring in more positive energy. The more you can nurture your soul the happier you’ll feel. The happier you feel, the better you’ll be at simply being you.

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Week 22

Treat Others The Way You Expect To Be Treated

There’s a saying that most of us learned in Kindergarten… “Treat others the way you expect to be treated.” YES! It might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate the way you speak to other people, or the way you treat them. You may not intend to treat people poorly, but sometimes it happens. Especially if things in your own life aren’t going the way you had hoped they would.

If you set up a camera to monitor every moment in your day, would you be proud of how you acted? Being present will help you with understanding how your words and actions make other people feel.

Are you attentive to other people when they are present? Or are you eager to only tell your story and how things are going in your life? Try asking someone how they are – but really listen to their answer. Don’t just listen to their words, but listen to their emotion and how they answer. You’ll learn so much more about how they’re feeling. Plus you’re validating them. And, in turn, they’ll treat you with the same respect.

As a bonus, remember to also treat pets with the respect they deserve. Being kind to all beings will definitely put you on the right track to being the best you know how.

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