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52 Weeks to Be The Best You

Week 23

Embrace Failure

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When you set out for your day, you don’t set yourself up for failure. However, as life has it, failure will happen. It’s how you set yourself up before it happens that will smooth out the ride. Some of the best life lessons come from failure. You just can’t paint failure as a bad word. Think of it as a lesson, not a rejection. Easier said than done right?

Make a list of all the “failures” you’ve encountered in your life. Now think about it if it wasn’t a failure? What if you didn’t fail? Chances are your journey would have had a much different outcome. However, look at the successes you’ve had now and how you wouldn’t have been able to experience them if you didn’t fail. We all need life experiences to make us up to who we are today, and those experiences require us to fail. It’s how we pick ourselves up again that will determine our path. Failure is what gives you strength.

Don’t fear failure. If before you decide to try something you’re afraid of failing, you wouldn’t even try it in the first place! Don’t undermine your capabilities and future possibilities all because of fear. Know that sometimes you don’t know how great you’ll be! Fear of failure will only hold you back on your greatness!

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Week 24

Self Worth

Your self worth will come from your thoughts, your actions and your intentions. Starting with your thoughts, you are the only one who needs to know your worth. You are the only one who needs to believe in your worth. But, whom are you trying to be worthy to? YOU! Your self worth isn’t based on what anyone else thinks. Your self worth isn’t for anyone, but you. So, why do we need self worth? Your perception on your own self worth is unquestionably important to your overall well-being and happiness.

Once you start the positive thought process on your worthiness it will translate into your actions and intentions. The belief in your worth will also shine in the contributions you make to any situation. When you value your worthiness, you’ll want to do more for others, and in turn you’ll gain a valuable sense of what you’re capable of.

On the other side, having a high sense of worth and value also increases your self-esteem. This is not to be confused with being conceited, narcissistic or egotistical. The right amount of self-worth contributes to the value you place on who you are, how you contribute and what you’re capable of doing. In light of our goal of being the best you, you know how…know that your self worth is vital in being the best person possible.

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Week 25

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Having positive people all around you will definitely improve your whole being. As life has it, we can’t always control this. Whether it’s your work environment or simply going to the store, negative people will always be there. However, when it is in your control, surround yourself with positive people.

It’s time to do some housecleaning with toxic relationships. Sometimes the people who you love aren’t the ones you need to be around. Or family members who give you anxiety just can’t be the people you need them to be. There is a way to still have them in your life, but not affect your positive energy.

Choose your battles. When it comes to family that can’t be the people you need them to be, choose your communication with them. You can still be kind and caring, but you don’t have to spend time with them. Find a way to communicate that lets them know you still love them. But, let go of the energy it takes to spending too much time with them. You need people who lift you up. You need people who make you feel good about being you. You need positive energy to replenish your energy.

I like to call positive people Cheerleaders In Your Back Pocket. These are the people that make you feel good about being alive. They’re the ones who lift you up when you fall. These are the people who get you, whole heartily.

If you want to be the best you know how, then you need to surround yourself with people who make you shine.

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Week 26

Quiet Space

Turn off technology. Leave behind the social media likes, tweets and shares. Ignore the negative world wide web. It’s all so distracting. Yes, I know, it’s not all negative – like my blog… but sometimes you need to take a break from it all.

Technology has changed the way we live. The information overload from the internet can be overwhelming. You’ll find peace by just unplugging. It will rejuvenate your mind. If you are one who can’t step away, it may take some convincing on your part.

Finding your quiet space will give you the space you need to be in the present. This space will be an opportunity to take care of your mental wellness. Find the conversation within your thoughts to breathe and discover your path. Meditation is also a wonderful way to rejuvenate your thoughts. If meditation is too hard, just being present in your own quiet space will help you focus.

Silence has the ability to give you an energy power that you can’t find anywhere else. The power of quietness allows you to listen to your most important thoughts. There's tranquility in the stillness of a quiet space. The best way to be the best you know how is to listen to your most inner thoughts. Those thoughts are full of your life purpose and greatness. Be the best you know how by taking the time in your own quiet space.

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