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52 Weeks to Be The Best You

Week 27

No More Excuses

I remember someone saying to me, “If is a big word.” At the time I was young and didn’t really know what it meant. From what I’ve figured out, it means that “if” is one of those words requires a BIG leap of faith. It’s a word that can only work IF you’re willing to go after it.

IF only I had more money. IF only I had more time. IF only I was stronger. But, what IF you didn’t need more money, time or strength? What IF you stop finding excuses and actually did what you wanted to do. It’s time to stop finding excuses and to just do. If you’re picking up what I’m saying, then you’re probably thinking, “You’re right. What am I waiting for?” But, if you are afraid, and you always find something that stops you, then you’re someone who may find excuses to not live the life you’ve always wanted.

So, how do you stop having an excuse for everything? Excuses will only limit your capabilities. If you understand that excuses rationalize your actions – for not moving forward – then you can start to recognize the excuses you’re making up. Those excuses to circumstances are often the main reason you’re not able to accomplish what you desire! If you want to get more out of your life, stop finding an excuse to not move on it.

First you have to understand why you make excuses. Is it out of fear? Are you afraid of what you aren’t sure your capable of? If your excuses are out of fear, you’ll tend to avoid the situation at all costs, and make up an excuse to not do it. Fear can also mean fear of failure or fear of the unknown. By recognizing fear you can begin to understand your excuses and work towards a solution.

Another common reason for making excuses is the lack of motivation. But, understanding what motivates you will help you set goals and move forward. When you understand why you make excuses you’ll be able to start moving forward to doing and being the best you can be. You have the potential to do and be anything you want, IF you stop making excuses.

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Week 28


Zig Ziglar said, “There will always be people in your life who treat you wrong. Be sure to thank them for making you strong.” That might be the perfect place to start in your journey of forgiveness.

I truly love that quote from Zig Ziglar because it helps you find a path towards healing. Forgiveness isn’t easy. In fact, many people go their whole lives without forgiving. Having the burden of hurt on your shoulders weighs heavy on your thoughts and emotions. If you allow hurt from your past to hold you down there will never be an opportunity to move forward.

In order to start the process of forgiveness you must first believe that forgiveness is achievable. You need to believe that you can forgive someone for their actions. But first you need to know that the original action was theirs, not yours. Sometimes we believe that people do terrible things to us because of our own fault. Not true! It was their actions, and they chose to do those things to you. You were the recipient of their actions, and by no means is that your fault. You are in control of your own actions. Remember that if someone decides to choose to hurt you, it is not your fault. Once you forgive yourself for something you didn’t choose to do, you can move forward to forgiving them for their actions.

But, why do you need to forgive them. You don’t. You don’t need to forgive them if you choose not to. However if you live with not forgiving them, the actions they choose to do to you will weigh heavy in your life.

There’s a great site called the Power of Positivity and they have a great article on how to truly forgive someone and how to let it go here This article explains why it’s hard to do and how to find your path to forgiveness. What I love is how this article explains how forgiveness is a choice. You are not responsible to others actions, but you are fully responsible for your own.

The power of forgiveness gives you the ability to move forward.

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Week 29

Look In Your Own Community

Working at a radio station I’m often asked by people where a good place to volunteer is. We have the need in our hearts to give back, but sometimes don’t know where to start.

Start by looking in your own community. Sometimes there’s plenty of opportunity to give back right around the corner. Call the local community centre and see if they know if any charities that are looking for volunteers. Or you can simply check out google and find out volunteering opportunities in your city.

Plenty of studies suggest, the more you give the happier you’ll feel. Volunteering is a great way to improve your self-confidence and increases your sense of accomplishment. But if we stay true to our topic, on how you can be the best you, know that volunteering and helping out reduces stress and depression. By volunteering you’re giving yourself a sense of purpose.

There was an American report on the health benefits of volunteering. There’s a great quote in this study too that says, “… there is also a common wisdom that those who give of themselves also receive.”

Here’s a few charities we support: 100 Kids Calgary, 100 Women Who Care, Calgary Humane Society, Made By Momma and more.

Get out and volunteer to be the best you know how.

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Week 30


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Find your space to enjoy music. Music has been proven as an extremely effective stress management tool. From lowering your blood pressure to decreasing stress, music can have relaxing effects on your mind and body.

Now, most studies have shown that slow, classical music can benefit your physiological functions and can slow your pulse and heart rate down – creating a more relaxed environment. However, don’t discredit the music genre you love. By listening to whatever music moves you will help you.

There’s something special about music. Music can take you and your mind to a place that is serene, lively or just relaxing. The important thing to remember about listening to music is that it inspires you to be the best you.

Every listen to the radio, hear a particular song and instantly you’re thinking back to where you were the first time you heard that song? Music can help you remember a happy memory, make you feel happy or just lift you up. This is why I want you to listen to music that moves you.

Studies have proven that our brain has different pathways for processing music like melody, tempo, rhythm, pitch and speech. Slower music tends to bring our heart rate down and will slow your breathing down. So, obviously, fast music will increase all of this, but can also lift your mood.

Listening to music can also release creative ideas. By nurturing your creative side, you can create balance with your world. Listening to music is an essential part of helping you be the best you, you know how.

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Week 31

Mind Your Manners

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“Don’t forget your p’s and q’s.” A simple please and thank you can go a long way.

At this stage of the game you don’t need to be reminded of how far manners will take you. But, think of how you feel when someone treats you with dignity, polite manners and respect. However, moods can step in the way to change the way we treat people.

There’s a saying, "Kindness is contagious." The 'golden rule’ is to treat others as you expect to be treated. And, if you’re kind, your energy and demeanor can wear off on someone else. This can be particularly helpful during conflict and in situations that escalate. Polite manners can, sometimes, adjust the view and attitude of any situation

Good manners are taught at a very young age. Children learn that by having good manners they get treated with more respect. As adults, it’s imperative to remember those manners to earn respect from others. Polite and selfless people are also effective communicators.

There’s also an interesting chain reaction when people encounter someone who is polite. When someone is polite to another person the interaction changes between the two. The mannerism change as does the tone of the conversation. When you effectively communicate with polite manners you’re steering the conversation for a positive outcome.

You’ll find that when your conscious of your manners it’ll also change the way you talk to others. It will also wear off on your energy and change your mood. All of this to help you be the best you, you know how.

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