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52 Weeks to Be The Best You

Week 36


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Restart and reconnect. After you’ve powered off you have a clean slate to start over and reconnect with not only people, but with the things you love. Reconnection can be with yourself, loved ones, nature and/or passions.

When you reconnect with yourself, you’re leaving behind feelings that no longer serve your purpose. This is a new opportunity to fall in love with who you are, possibly again. First and foremost, when you trust who you are and what you’re capable of you’ll gain more confidence and soar to new heights. This is a wonderful time to celebrate all you are and what drives your power and passion toward all that is good. When you reconnect with your true self you may recall a passion or dream you’ve always aspired to accomplish. Now is your time to be who you need to be.

Reconnecting with nature is also a wonderful way to appreciate all that Mother Nature has given us. This may also be the way you reconnect with yourself. This may be the first thing you do in your reconnection process. Often by reconnecting with nature we are able to reconnect with our true self. There’s something rejuvenating by spending time in nature. Find that place that surges your adrenaline and gives you energy to soar. Is it the forest, the trees or a babbling brook? Perhaps it’s on a mountain peak or in the middle of the ocean. Where ever your happy place is, find it. Breath in the air. Be one with nature. Listen to your surroundings. Meditate. Listen to the messages that come to you. Be there with every ounce of energy you have.

Reconnect with those who were on your life journey. Some people come and go in your life, but there may be that one person who made a difference in your life. They were there for you during pivotal moments that changed your life forever. When you’re connected to others it can help you gain resilience towards any of life challenges. Reconnection with those you love – family, friends or even pets and/or animals – will help you process negative emotions. A reconnection with someone who understands you, whole-heartedly, can help you become the person you were meant to be. A rewarding relationship with those that mean the most to you is vital towards your goal of being the best you, you know how.

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Week 37

New Lessons

Image © Christina Rowsell

There’s something exhilarating about learning something new. At the same time, it can be terrifying. By learning a new skill, you may be taking yourself out of your comfort zone. When you learn a new skill, you stimulate the neurons in your brain (Resource Link) creating more pathways and the more pathways you have the more you can learn. Sounds a bit technical. Basically, the more you learn the more you’ll want to learn. Think of it this way, when you learn something new, the more you do it the better you get at it. It’s the same with learning, the more you learn the more you CAN learn.

People often become complacent in what they know and what they’re capable of learning. The saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…” is just that, a saying. (Resource Link) They say that adult dogs are often easier to train than a puppy because they have the ability to focus longer. For you, the human, it may seem harder to learn, only because you decided that you didn’t want to learn. Truth is, when you were younger learning was mandatory. As you age, learning is optional, and unfortunately some become comfortable in only doing what they know. Yes, we get lazy.

Learning helps to keep your brain sharp and has even been proven to help improve your overall health including the prevention of onset cognitive decline with conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s. (Resource Link) You can always keep learning and growing your brain. You just need to choose to do so.

Besides, learning a new skill will give you a sense of accomplishment. You may be surprised what you can learn if you just try. So, go ahead, give yourself permission to learn something new. Or, pick up a book, read something you never thought you’d read. It’s good for your health and sets you up on the path to being the best you, you know how.

Resource Links:

Dogs Learning New Tricks Resource:

Stimulate the neurons in your brain - Resource:

Learning keeps your brain sharp - Resource:

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Week 38

Get Moving

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Did you know that the experts say if you get your heart rate up for at least 10 minutes a day you’ll start to see improvements in your life from your health to your mind. (Resource Link) By simply setting some time in your day to move and exercise it not only helps your over health, but is effective in dealing with depression, anxiety and stress.

Okay let’s start off slow. If the idea of this frightens you, start slow. Start by simply walking. Walking is great to get you moving, especially if you haven’t exercised in a long time, overweight or elderly. However, you must keep it up and commit to it every day to see any improvement. Experts say if it’s too hard to do 30 minutes at a time then try to do smaller walks, 10 minutes three times per day then build up to 30 minutes.

If you’re up to more rigorous activity, good for you! There are so many benefits other than your overall health. Most importantly, regular exercise improves your mental capabilities. When you exercise your brain starts to see changes, including giving you a feeling of calm and well-being. When you exercise it releases endorphins. (Resource Link) Those are the powerful chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. And we all know that when you feel good life is a better place! Exercise can also reduce anxiety and depression as it helps you move past negative thoughts.

Taking your exercise serious now will help you live a happier and healthier life. You may want to get moving to lose weight or to be stronger. Either way it’ll make you feel better. You just need to choose to make it a priority. Make it as important as brushing your teeth and eating dinner. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted about the idea of exercising, take it slow. If you have injuries or pain, take it slow! But just take this time to do it. Slow is the best way to start.

One of the best ways to just start is to schedule it in. If the morning is the best time to get moving, set aside 10 minutes. Then after lunch schedule your next 10 minutes and so on. But start, it’ll change your life.

Here are some resources to get started to being the best you, you know how.

My Fitness Pal – - FREE version on your computer, Apple or Android. This is my favourite app because it can help you track your diet and links with an apple watch or fit bit.

Beach Body On Demand – - They offer a Two Week Free Trial – Yearly subscription is $99 USD a year (2020) for access to all the workout programs. What I love about this app is that they provide modifications if you’re a beginner.

SWorkIt App - - I use this free version for daily stretching.

7MWC App - - Again I use the free version. Great to get in a 7 minute workout! Do that 4 times a day!

Resource Links:

Get your heart rate up:

Exercise released endorphins:

Week 39


Christina Rowsell Voice Over Actor - image ©

Laugh and laugh often! Scientifically speaking they say that a good laugh not only reduces stress but it can help fight infection by boosting your immune system. (Resource Link) Mentally, laughter can bring you back to good health by boosting your mood and even diminishing pain. Medical expert also say that laughter releases endorphins, the chemical that makes your feel good.

Last week we discussed the importance of moving, laughing can help you with that. Although laughing isn’t as an aggressive method of helping you stay in shape, it helps if you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day where you can burn about 40 calories. (Resource Link)

Overall laughing just feels good. In the outside world, laughing helps you strengthen a relationship and can even attract others. In the workforce, laughter has been proven to enhance teamwork. Studies have shown that laughter helps you release any negative energy towards someone allowing you to forgive them sooner.

Think of a child in an uncontrollable laughter moment. Just thinking about it makes you giggle. Hear their contagious laughter. Feel the energy as you start to laugh. Children often laugh hundreds of times a day. As we get older, life gets busy and we don’t even think about laughing once a day. You may need to look for opportunities to laugh. Find a good movie. Follow a social media feed that makes you laugh. Tell jokes. Laughing can add years to your life. Why not enjoy it? Laughing is a key element to being the best you, you know how.

Resource Links:

Laughter can help boost immune system:

Laugh for 10 to 15 minutes a day to burn calories:

Week 40

For the Love of Storytelling

Storytelling - Image ©

Life lessons taught through the power of storytelling are invaluable in our everyday existence. The influence from past generations and the stories they have give us have guided us into who we are today and who we’re meant to be.

The reason I called this "For the Love of Storytelling", is because it’s not only for the love of reading, but the passion of the story. There is an imagination within all of us. Reading is certainly one way to ignite that imagination, but storytelling takes it to a whole new level. From the stories our ancestors told us to the stories we make up, they are all valuable in teaching us who we are intended to be.

A story is meant to engage the audience. Whether that audience is you or the people you’re talking to. The characters we develop in our minds when reading a book may differ from the characters we see in a movie. The power of story is to engage the recipient and evoke emotion.

Reading a story is completely different than telling a story. Both have wonderful implications on improving your overall well-being. From a young age we’re taught to read - because reading books increase your knowledge. Reading also helps you grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Reading gives you the ability to explore new ideas, new worlds and new concepts. However storytelling allows you share experiences verbally and when you tell a story you evoke further emotion by perfecting the right tone.

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